Laser Hair Removal

Tired of constantly shaving and waxing,unwanted facial and body hair? With light-based hair removal you can get the touchable skin you’ve always wanted. All you need is a few simple treatments to get lasting results. The secret lies in the technology that targets and destroys hair cells responsible for hair growth without harming the surrounding skin. This treatment is fast, easy and practically pain free.

How does it work?
Energy is used to target and destroy hair follicles responsible for hair growth without causing damage to the surrounding skin.

What results can I expect?
You can expect to see a gradual decrease in hair thickness and the amount of hair in the area*. Since this treatment only targets hair in the active phase of growth, multiple treatments are often needed for complete removal. Treatment plans can be adjusted to fit everyone’s lifestyle – speak to your provider regarding desired downtime, comfort, and results.

One Platform to Power the Future of Aesthetic Treatments.
The Icon Aesthetic System offers high peak power, state-of-the-art cooling, and the proprietary Skintel® Melanin Reader resulting in fast treatments with excellent results. With the Icon system, aesthetic practices can provide the most popular treatments, including:

  • Facial vessel and pigment clearance
  • Surgical and acne scar treatment
  • Stretch mark treatment
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Leg vein clearance
  • Permanent hair reduction

Skintel Melanin Reader: A revolutionary device that determines the average melanin density of skin prior to treatment.

Advanced Contact Cooling: Cooling maintains temperature at 5° Celsius during treatments for enhanced comfort and skin protection.

AccuSpectrum: Dual filters minimize unnecessary epidermal exposure, enhancing client comfort.

Photon Recycling: Maximizes treatment results by reducing energy loss.
Smooth PulseTM: Proprietary light delivery system that allows for the usage of greater amounts of energy.

Power: Delivering a maximum effective energy1 of over 350 joules, Icon is the most powerful laser and optimized light aesthetic platform2

Laser Hair Treatment Price for Ladies

Laser CategoryPer SessionPackage Of 5
Brazilian Bikini & Free Underarms$149$645
Lower Legs (Includes Toes & Knees)$129$545
Full Legs & Free Bikini Line$299$1400
Full Legs & Brazillian Bikini$350$1600
Underarms $49$200
Half Arms $99$400
Full Arms$169$750
Upper Lip$39$150
Upper Lip & Chin$70$250
Full Face$99$300
Full back$400$1400